SMU, Atlantic Gold enter five-year partnership on mine site remediation technology

March 4, 2021
Saint Mary’s University and Atlantic Gold have entered a five-year partnership to research technology that could be used to remediate Nova Scotia’s historic gold mine sites. Atlantic Gold will provide $1M to a research team led by Dr Linda Campbell, which will focus on developing a low-cost remediation strategy for areas that have been contaminated by tailings. The research will use studies of former mine sites to develop a technology that can remediate contaminated wetlands without compromising their function. “This partnership is an exemplar of innovation with a community-centred approach,” said SMU President Dr Robert Summerby-Murray. “It addresses a challenge with an immediate local connection but with far-reaching national and international implications.” The Halifax Examiner reports that some in the community have criticized the partnership as a “greenwashing,” and called on the provincial and federal governments to provide funding for research. SMU | Halifax Examiner (NS)