SMU football players suspended over alleged offensive Tweets

January 29, 2014

Saint Mary’s University has suspended 6 members of its football team for allegedly Tweeting racist, sexist and hateful messages, reports the Canadian Press. An SMU spokesperson said university officials have spoken to the students, and are attempting to confirm that the suspected students are the authors of the Tweets. SMU VP Academic and Research David Gauthier says the tweets are not consistent with the school’s values, adding that they are “completely inappropriate and unacceptable.” The issue was brought to light by a University of King’s College School of Journalism student publication, which wrote that the Tweets came from the football players’ accounts. The alleged offenses follow outrage triggered this past fall by an offensive frosh chant, which led to disciplinary action and an arms-length report on how to “prevent sexual violence and inspire respectful behavior and a safe learning environment.” Globe and Mail (Canadian Press)