SMU to offer BCom program in China

October 6, 2014

Saint Mary’s University has announced that it will offer a bachelor of commerce program at Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, China. Students will learn from Chinese professors for the first 2 years of the program and from SMU faculty for the latter portion. Students completing the program will earn the same degree as those who attend at SMU’s Sobey School of Business in Halifax. The program will allow Chinese students who cannot afford to travel to Canada for their studies to obtain a Canadian education. SMU has a longstanding relationship with Beijing Normal School; 120 students from the institution are studying at SMU this year alone. SMU expects to break even the first year of the program but enrolment is expected to expand rapidly, given an already high level of interest; 70 students were turned away this year due to a lack of seats. “It’s unusual for a business school to take on this kind of partnership at the undergraduate level. It’s a very ambitious and innovative partnership and it establishes the Sobey School as a significant international player,” said Sobey Dean Patricia Bradshaw. SMU News Release | Chronicle-Herald