A sober look at the reality of student debt, postgraduate precarity

March 8, 2018

Each year, thousands of students across Canada graduate from PSE to enter the “real world,” writes Anissa Calma-Brown, who adds that “for many of them, thanks to the rising cost of tuition, there will be an extra weight around their necks in the form of student debt.” The author notes that the converging forces of student debt, rising housing costs, and a precious job market make postgraduate life extremely difficult for many of today’s graduates. “My student loan will be like an anchor holding me back until I have it all paid off — in my eyes — only then will I be free,” says Marjan Asadullah, a student in the journalism program at the University of Toronto. The author notes that while governments have attempted to address this crisis, most efforts remain “a relative drop in the bucket” compared to what it will take to solve the problem. Financial Post