Software bug may have exposed UBC students’ personal information

October 8, 2014

A bug in UBC’s Student Service Centre software may have exposed students’ personal information, the university has announced. The bug was introduced in an update made in November 2012, but was not detected until last month. UBC says that the bug was fixed within 48 hours of being identified, and officials say that the risk of any students being affected is extremely low. The bug would have been triggered in just one of every 1000 transactions, said UBC Registrar Kate Ross. She added that the consequences of being affected are “minimal." According to Ross, “even if you were among the one in a thousand who may have been affected by this bug, the only information that could have been seen by another user was your Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) information (account holder name, financial institution number, transit number, and account number)." UBC has notified BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner about the glitch, but emphasized that there is no cause for alarm. CBC