Some Algonquin College profs speak out against union over state of labour relations

March 6, 2012

Some Algonquin College faculty members are speaking out against their union's leaders who are in a war of words with college administration over the state of labour relations at the institution. "Our union can be very aggressive," says one member who spoke glowingly to the Ottawa Citizen about working at Algonquin. "It sounds like it's the faculty versus the management. It's not -- it's the union versus the management." Another professor says she has been "well taken care of" by Algonquin and feels that money spent settling grievances could -- and should -- be allocated elsewhere given the budget crunch at the institution. These professors asked for their names not to be published out of fears of retribution by the union, whose VP calls the worries a "red herring." He says the union cannot sanction or punish members who oppose its action. Ottawa Citizen