Some American institutions facing petitions, lawsuits over room and board refunds

April 7, 2020

The different approaches to refunding room and board taken by American postsecondary schools are being met with responses that are equally variant. While some schools announced almost immediately that students would receive prorated room and board refunds, other schools have set up partial refund plans to be implemented in coming weeks. However, students have begun petitioning the amounts of some refunds, while others have gone so far as to take institutions to court for breach of contract. "The problem is that a significant part of that money also goes to pay salaries of the people working in the cafeterias and people that are doing various other jobs relating to the room and board," explained lawyer Kent Schmidt. "The question becomes: Is the university caught in the middle? Do they have to refund the money to the students, or are they under pressure to keep paying the employees?" Inside Higher Ed (International)