SPU announces program to support IEHP integrating into job market

July 13, 2022
Saint Paul University's Institute for Transformative Leadership has partnered with the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4) to launch a new program that will help internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) find work in Canada’s health care sector. The program, titled Fostering Canadian Integration for IEHPs: From Learning to Action, will provide IEHPs with 12 weeks of training focusing on the gaps in non-clinical skills and knowledge that bar IEHPs from the healthcare job market. Participants will also benefit from being involved in a learning community with others who share similar experiences. "SPU is proud to partner once again with N4 on the creation of a program that responds to a real need in our community," said SPU Rector Chantal Beauvais. SPU (ON)