SPU students criticize institution over opposition to free condoms

March 15, 2012

Saint Paul University, federated with the University of Ottawa, is under fire from its students after it asked the student association to remove a bowl of condoms from the main office. A letter from administration to the student group states that "it is evident that the distribution of condoms must cease and the use of the name 'university' needs to be completely abandoned from your sign, especially when it contravenes with the Statutes." SPU has a Catholic mandate, but students of all religions and ethnicities now study at the institution. The administration told the CBC that students are expected to abide by and uphold Catholic values. The student association believes administrators are putting ideology before practicality. Students also say SPU has complained about a pride centre they opened on campus. The student group and administration began what are expected to be several days of discussions Wednesday to find a solution to the issue. CBC