St Clair President courts controversy with mayoral endorsement

October 1, 2014

St Clair College President John Strasser has raised a few eyebrows for his endorsement of Windsor mayoral candidate John Millson. Strasser said that Millson had been to the college to talk about jobs more often than Drew Dilkens, the councillor for the ward in which St Clair is located, who is also running for mayor. Dilkens questioned whether the President of a public institution should publicly support any candidate. Dilkens went on to speculate that Strasser may have a “beef” with the city over its investment in the University of Windsor’s downtown campus, but noted that the city has also played a “significant role” in St Clair projects such as its downtown MediaPlex, the Centre for the Arts, and the college’s partnership with Schlegel Villages. “If you look at the city’s history … there’s no doubt that the city has been committed to St Clair College, has invested in St Clair College,” said Dilkens. Strasser previously announced that he will retire next year. Windsor Star