St. Clair president decries "preferential" treatment city gives uWindsor

January 9, 2013

St. Clair College president John Strasser is crying foul over Windsor city council's $10-million deal to help the University of Windsor establish a downtown campus. In a letter to the mayor and city councillors, Strasser decried the "preferential" treatment given to uWindsor, stating the college's expectation that the amount of city taxpayer dollars committed to attracting PSE students into the downtown should be "split evenly" between St. Clair and uWindsor. In response, Mayor Eddie Francis says city council's contribution is less than 20% of uWindsor's downtown investment. He says that figure compares to a 60% city share for the college's downtown investment in the St. Clair Centre for the Arts and the MediaPlex, each housed in facilities the municipality gave up for $1 apiece. "To claim that financing opportunities made available to the University of Windsor have not been made available to St. Clair College is simply false," Francis says in his letter. Windsor Star | CBC