St Clair suspends job placements that some students require to graduate

October 19, 2017

A suspension of job placements at St Clair College has left 150 students unsure of whether they will graduate. CBC reports that the suspensions are due to the current Ontario college faculty strike. “The fact that I'm not even able to get it or not able to start it is unfortunate because it's a big part of what I have to do to graduate and it's a big part of my experience in school and everything else,” says Serena Valore, a third-year business administration student at the college. John Fairley, vice president of college communications and community relations at St. Clair, said that out of the 120 programs offered at the school, 80 have a placement or internship component. About 70 programs have those placements taking place in the late winter or spring semester. CBC