St Lawrence SMA emphasizes Aboriginal education, regional support

September 9, 2014

Ontario has released the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) that it signed with St Lawrence College. The agreement identifies as St Lawrence’s areas of differentiation its success in meeting the specific economic, social, and cultural needs of its communities in Brockville, Cornwall, and Kingston. St Lawrence is cited for its support for economic prosperity through its responsive labour force development and innovation initiatives, such as the Centre for Learning and Performance Improvement, the Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre, and its relationships with industries along the St Lawrence River Seaway corridor. The SMA further notes that St Lawrence supports accessibility for Aboriginal and first-generation students, as well as crown wards, students with disabilities, and lower-income students. The college’s program delivery agreements with the First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI) and Ioahi:io Akwesasne Adult Education (IAAE) are specifically highlighted. The SMA identifies 5 proposed program areas for growth: advertising and design, social and community services, traditional business, arts, and construction. St Lawrence SMA