St. Patrick's Day riot has no effect on Fanshawe students' job hunt

August 14, 2012

Early worries that Fanshawe College students would pay for the St. Patrick's Day riot near campus, with employers withdrawing job offers, now appear overblown. Some students had reported that companies were reneging on job placements in the riot's aftermath, and others were afraid the incident might cause appalled employers to turn them down. Following a police investigation, it became clear most of the troublemakers had no connection to the college -- just 26 of 68 people charged in the riot attended Fanshawe at the time. A college spokeswoman and the student union president say fears students would be punished in the job market were misplaced. "As the community became more aware that this was a community issue and not just that of the college," says the spokeswoman, "then the reputation of the college was on more solid footing for our students and our graduates. There was a groundswell of support." The student union president plans to speak with students in the Fleming Drive area -- home to a large off-campus housing enclave -- to ensure history won't repeat itself. London Free Press