Standardized tests for job-seekers may become more common

November 17, 2014

An article in Inside Higher Ed reports on the growing popularity of workplace readiness tests among US employers. The tests are designed to help employers better assess the skill set of job-seekers. To date, few companies are insisting that college graduates achieve a minimum score in order to get hired; however, that could be changing. In India, more than a million people have taken the Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT), which measures English-language abilities, logic, judgment, quantitative skills, and some soft skills, and a number of American firms have set a “cutoff” score for job-seekers there. The creators of the test are now hoping to crack the US market, and have partnered with edX in order to do so. Indian students who complete edX courses can now register to take the AMCAT test as part of their job-hunting efforts. A number of firms, including some test-making firms, are now offering standardized tests to help employers evaluate workers. US PSE administrators are taking notice, both because students may benefit from the assessments, and because of what they may indicate about the value of a degree. Inside Higher Ed