Startup builds platform for virtual campus tours

July 11, 2014

Since 2009, technology startup YouVisit has been using 360-degree panoramic photography to give would-be students a look at faraway college campuses. Now the company, founded by 3 former international students, hopes to use the innovative Oculus Rift virtual reality technology to help students tour campuses from a distance, complete with a guide. “We’ve built a platform that enables anyone with an Oculus device to come to our tours and connect to it and view these tours in virtual reality spaces,” said co-founder Taher Baderkhan. So far, college leaders have been impressed by the technology, and some schools have begun develop their own Oculus projects. The technology could be used to help recruit international students as well as those living elsewhere in the country who may lack the means to visit a campus in-person. The Oculus technology is not currently widely available; some expect a commercial version to be released in 2015. EdTech