StatsCan finds that tuition fees are up 3.3%

September 12, 2014

Statistics Canada has released the preliminary results of its 2014 survey on tuition and accommodation costs for full-time PSE students, revealing that Canadian undergraduate students enrolled in full-time programs paid an average of $5,939 for tuition, 3.3% more than last year. International undergraduate students paid an average of 5.3% more for tuition in 2014-15, with tuition fees reaching an average of $20,447. Graduate students also saw increases in tuition, with domestic graduate students seeing an average increase of 2.3% and international graduate students an increase of 3.3%. Canadian undergraduates enrolled in dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy continue to pay the highest tuition fees. The executive MBA was found to be the most expensive graduate program, followed by the MBA and dentistry. Additional compulsory fees also increased across Canada, with an average increase of 2.8%. Newfoundland and Labrador was the only province that did not increase tuition, due to a tuition freeze that has been in place since 2003-04. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives predicted earlier this week that tuition fees would rise by 13% over the next 4 years. StatsCan Daily