StatsCan issues report on employment outcomes, median earnings, and debt of class of 2009/10

November 17, 2014

Statistics Canada has issued a new report on labour market outcomes and student debt of the class of 2009/10 and 2013. According to the report, 4 in 10 graduates from the class of 2009/10 chose to continue their education after graduating from their program. 49% of bachelor’s degree graduates pursued further education, as well as 35% of college graduates, 32% of master’s degree graduates, and 16% of PhD graduates. Individuals in biological and biomedical sciences were most likely to pursue further education (77% of graduates), followed by those in psychology (75%), mathematics and statistics (71%), physical and life sciences and technologies (70%), and the humanities (61%). The study also found that 90% of college graduates, 92% of bachelor and master’s degree candidates, and 93% of PhD graduates in the class of 2009/10 had found employment by 2013. Median earnings in 2013 for graduates of the class of 2009/10 were $41,600 for college graduates, $53,000 for bachelor graduates, $70,000 for master’s graduates, and $75,000 for doctorate graduates. Those with master’s degrees and PhDs were also more likely to say that their job matched their education. By 2013, at least one-third of the class of 2009/10 had paid off their student loans, with the rate of repayment being highest for master’s graduates (44%). StatsCan Daily