StatsCan releases enrolment, graduate data for 2011-12

November 27, 2013

A new batch of Statistics Canada data was released this week on PSE enrolments and graduates, which reveal that almost 2 million students were enrolled in Canadian institutions in 2011-12 -- a 1.9% increase from the previous year. Canadian students made up 90.7% of the total enrolment of 1,996,200, but the proportion of international students increased by 1% from 2010-11. Enrolments rose in most provinces and territories; in Newfoundland and Labrador and Manitoba, enrolments decreased, while in New Brunswick, they remained at the same level. More than half (56.1%) of PSE students were enrolled in programs at the bachelor level or above, and women accounted for 56.0% of the national enrolment total compared with 43.1% for men. Enrolment increased in all fields of study except education, which decreased slightly. The data also show that about 461,520 students graduated from a PSE institution in 2011, up 3.4% from the previous year. Over half of these graduates (51.7%) completed a program at the bachelor level or above; and female graduates represented 58.2% of the total. StatsCan Daily