StatsCan releases initial results of COVID-19 survey of over 100,000 postsecondary students

May 13, 2020

Statistics Canada has released the initial results of their survey on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting postsecondary students’ academic, employment, and financial situations. A little over half of participants reported some disruption to their academics, while just over one-third reported delayed or cancelled work placements, and one-quarter reported delayed or cancelled courses. Student employment has also been affected by COVID-19 as the majority of students who held employment at the beginning of March have either lost their job, were laid off, or are working fewer hours. The survey also revealed that many students were very or extremely concerned about losing their jobs in the future and having no job prospects in the near future; however, worries about finances decreased significantly with the release of the CESB. StatsCan (National)