StatsCan reports on changing make-up of foreign students at Canadian universities

February 24, 2011

In a new Education Matters article, Statistics Canada states that by 2008, the proportion of international students attending Canadian universities had doubled compared to 1992, representing 8% of all university students in Canada. Compared to their peers in 1992, international students in 2008 were younger and more likely to be enrolled in programs at the bachelor level than at the PhD level. Asian students have consistently accounted for the largest proportion of international students in Canada -- 49.8% in 1992 and 52.7% in 2008. Smaller proportions of foreign students were enrolled in "mathematics, computer and informational sciences" and the "physical and life sciences, and technologies" in 2008 compared to 1992, with strong gains observed in the enrolment of international students in "business, management and public administration." Statistics Canada