StFX earth sciences helps create 400 jobs in 10 years

May 27, 2014

St Francis Xavier University’s earth sciences program is enjoying remarkable success when it comes to securing research funding. As a result, the small, 6-person department has helped create approximately 400 jobs over the past decade. These include summer jobs for undergraduate students as well as year-long post-doctoral and faculty positions. “This enhances the research atmosphere, allowing our undergraduate students to learn and work with our graduate and post-doctoral researchers,” said Hugo Beltrami, a faculty member in the department. The success of the department has helped build StFX’s role as an academic university, and in turn helps put faculty in a competitive position when applying for additional grants. Former student Jocelyn Egan said, “it really shows that even though it is a small department, there are lots of opportunities for researchers elsewhere to come and do work and for students to get the experience of doing research and help prepare them for the workforce afterward.” Chronicle Herald