Stopping fake science publishers a critical, but difficult task for universities

June 8, 2017

Legal experts agree that it is time for universities to crack down on fake science publishers, writes Tom Spears for the Ottawa Citizen, who admits that “the ‘how’ part is trickier.” Spears reflects on a recent incident in which the Citizen re-submitted a garbled, meaningless article to OMICS International to test its reviewing methods, and the article was published. “If the presence of such journals/conferences on a CV were treated akin to plagiarism, and it was known that (like plagiarism) they were easily detected, much of the viability of this business would likely disappear,” stated University of Ottawa Adjunct Professor David Sweanor. The article goes on to examine industry factors that lead to fake publishers, the barriers to rectifying the problem, and what universities may be able to do to help prevent graduate students and young academics from falling prey to them. Ottawa Citizen