STU tuition increase surpasses NB cap

May 6, 2013

St. Thomas University is increasing tuition fees for its domestic students by $434 next year, a move that will put the institution in conflict with the New Brunswick government's $150 cap on tuition fee hikes. STU president Dawn Russell says the province's decision to cap fees and freeze its operating grant is a "challenge." The university's latest budget includes expenditure restraint by continuing an early retirement program and making "reductions in some administrative budgets." PSE Minister Danny Soucy says he is "disappointed" STU ignored the policy, and will not say if the university will be penalized. He wants to sit down with STU administration to discuss the tuition increase first and then decide "what appropriate actions should be taken," Soucy says. Russell says she would be "surprised and disappointed" if the province decided to punish STU, which already has the lowest provincial grant and will still have the lowest tuition, even with the increase. She acknowledges the government could decide to decrease STU's grant even further, but questions the logic of such a move. "If you're concerned about students, why would you aggravate the situation, where we already have the lowest grant, which is part of the need for the tuition increase, why would you aggravate the situation by making the grant even lower?" STU News Release | CBC