Student demonstrations affecting Montreal, says city councillor

March 16, 2012

Montreal's city executive-committee chairperson said Thursday that the city is bearing the financial brunt of student protests, and the situation cannot be permitted to go on. "I understand that people have the right to demonstrate, but we're talking about the...economic engine that is the city of Montreal," he said. "If these demonstrations continue, it's going to hurt industry, commerce, and people are going to be upset." The comments were made a few hours before the start of the annual march against police brutality. A joint protest by students against fee hikes and people against police brutality began at about rush hour Thursday. Police say more than 200 individuals were arrested and 10 officers were injured that night. The police response to student demonstrations have come under scrutiny following the March 7 protest where a CÉGEP student suffered a serious eye injury after apparently being struck by a police flash grenade. As class boycotts continue, many university and CÉGEP teachers are lending their support to strikers. Profs contre la hausse is a new teacher-oriented group dedicated to lending support to striking students and the cause of lower tuition fees. The group's action committee coordinator says he believe many instructors will participate in the major student rally planned for March 22. Montreal Gazette (City Councillor) | Canadian Press | Montreal Gazette (Anti-Police Brutality March) | Montreal Gazette (Teacher Support)