As student entitlement rises, so does belief in professor’s bias: THE contributor

November 21, 2016

“Accusations of liberal bias among faculty are nothing new,” writes Will Grant for Times Higher Education. “Yet in recent years, ideological differences between faculty and students seem to have taken on a new character.” Grant refers to research showing that students’ belief that their professors are politically biased increases with students’ fixation on grades and academic entitlement. “Put simply,” says Grant, “as students expect more and more that they should receive high grades regardless of performance, as students consider more and more that grades rather than learning are the purpose of being at university, then they’re more and more likely to attribute instructors’ behaviour to bias.” Grant argues that this problem is caused by a university system that increasingly treats students as customers, adding that although professors cannot solve this problem immediately, they can work address it by “allowing students to have ownership of their own views, while still teaching students to differentiate between fact and opinion.” Times Higher Education