Student libertarian group protests “nanny state” food regulation with mock Toronto convenience store

August 12, 2016

A cross-country student libertarian group set up a mock convenience store in Toronto yesterday to protest what it calls the “nanny state” policies of food label  warnings and special taxes. Run by Students For Liberty Canada, the store contained chocolate bars covered in labels that read “Chocolate may kill you!” and a number of other products designed to demonstrate “what it's like if the government is going to hold your hand through life, over-tax, over-regulate, over-ban everything that's bad for your health,” according to the group's co-ordinator David Clement. University of Waterloo Public Health Professor David Hammond, however, argues that a majority of Canadians make food choices based on misinformation, which means the goal “is to respond to the public health issue ... and secondly to correct some really prevalent misconceptions.” Times Colonist (CP)