Student mental health worsening during COVID-19: Study

August 26, 2021
Student mental health has been steadily worsening during COVID-19, and data shows that students are experiencing heightened levels of academic stress and burnout, writes Sarah Brown. According to the Healthy Minds Study, 2015-2021, student response to COVID-19 has been complex and has seen a continuing trend of anxiety and depression. In 2020, most students did not seek help because of pandemic-related reasons, but heightened academic distress was found in those who did. By spring 2021, the study found that 27% of students reported “emotional and mental difficulties” affecting their studies six or more days a month. Brown says that the students who are entering the Fall semester are already burned out and wary, and discusses the ways various institutions in the US are preparing their counseling centres to manage the influx of students once campuses are fully open. Chronicle of Higher Ed (Paywall) (Editorial)