Student-run publisher claims "intimidation tactics" by McGill administration over McGillLeaks coverage

March 13, 2012

As it investigates the source of a donor information leak, McGill University has written to the student-run Daily Publications Society (DPS), telling it to remove any link to McGillLeaks and to stop referencing the documents and data that were leaked. The letter said McGill would use "any available legal recourse to protect its rights and the rights of the third parties." The McGill Daily quickly removed the link, but it says it will continue coverage of McGillLeaks, while criticizing what it calls the university's "oppressive tactics." The DPS chairperson says the society "didn't steal the documents and we believe we were within our rights because the documents were already in the public domain." McGill's VP of external relations says having a live link to McGillLeaks "is not a matter of the exercise of freedom of expression, but it would help to disseminate information that invades the privacy of a great number of individuals -- without their consent -- and that contains information of strategic advantage to the university in matters of fundraising." Montreal Gazette