Student video leads to race-based discussion at UCLA

November 18, 2013

An eloquent video posted to YouTube by a junior at the University of California at Los Angeles criticizes the university for its lack of black male students, who make up less than 4% of the student population. The video’s creator, Sy Stokes, uses spoken word poetry to reveal enrolment numbers, including that only 48 of the 2,418 entering male students this year are black. In an interview, Stokes states he wants to draw attention to the issue to encourage UCLA to do more to reach out to young black males, as well as to prepare potential black male students for a less-welcoming environment than is touted by the university. In response to criticism of the video and affirmative action in general, Stokes commented that "People are talking about the issue, and that's what counts. Too much of the time, he added, nobody talks about these topics in a public way.” Inside Higher Ed