Students “mixed,” faculty “extremely disappointed” about new NB budget

February 5, 2016

The New Brunswick Student Alliance has stated that it has felt a “mixed” reaction toward New Brunswick’s budget for 2016-17. The budget contains a freeze on operating grants to universities for the second year in a row, yet caps tuition increases for NB students at 2%. No cap was imposed on tuition for out-of-province or international students. However, NBSA Executive Director Lindsay Handren noted that students had anticipated much deeper PSE cuts, saying, “Knowing that significant reductions to university operating grants had been considered, we’re pleased to see government not making those cuts.” In a separate response, the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations has said it is “extremely disappointed” with the “foolish” budget, with President Jean Sauvageau stating that, “Freezing the government’s contribution to universities is not a plan; it will not help close the university education gap which sees New Brunswick at the bottom of the national ranking.”

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