Students criticize UManitoba for “infuriating” payout after Kirby retirement

August 28, 2018

Several students at the University of Manitoba say that they are frustrated and confused by the reported $156K paid to former professor Steve Kirby in 2017. Kirby left the university in June 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations, yet made over $20K more than he did in 2016. “Obviously that is infuriating, particularly because by paying him anything, the U of M is completely turning their backs on the students and validating everything that he did,” wrote a former UManitoba student. Privacy laws have barred UManitoba officials from commenting directly on the figures, but UManitoba Provost and VP Academic Janice Ristock notes that the university has offered a number of workshops and counselling opportunities since Kirby’s departure, and that it will begin the process of creating a new sexual assault policy this fall. CBC