Students dropping high school math, science costing Canada millions

October 8, 2013

A large number of high school students who don’t take science or math is costing Canada millions of dollars, according to a new report released this week by Let’s Talk Science, a charitable organization that advocates for the sciences. The report reveals that fewer than 50% of Canadian high school students graduate with senior STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses. Due to the demand for the skills taught in such subjects, students often go back to high school to take the courses they missed once they decide to pursue a career in the STEM fields. Canada currently spends $50 billion on K-12 education. The report also makes several recommendations, including a forum for stakeholder discussions on STEM talent development, supports for STEM teaching and learning projects in and outside of school, improved data-collection systems, and a STEM-curriculum review. Let’s Talk Science News Release | Full Report