Students express dismay at tuition increases amid pandemic

June 1, 2020

Students at several Canadian universities are expressing anger and concern regarding recent announcements about tuition increases amid the pandemic. In reaction to Dalhousie University’s decision to increase tuition by 3% this year, Dalhousie Student Union vice-president of academic and external Erica Seelemann said “…every organization almost in the world has had to make accommodations for this pandemic, but the university has not, […] sticking to their four-year plan of fee increases, which students weren’t OK with from the beginning.” Dal president Deep Saini said that the increase is necessary to “maintain the high quality of our academic programming.” Meanwhile, some international students at the University of Guelph are facing 10%-37% tuition increases and have expressed that they are stressed and worried about the fee increases. “In terms of our international tuition rates, U of G’s remain among the most affordable in Ontario,” said UofGuelph spokesperson Lori Bona Hunt. Global News | CBC | The Star (National)