Students express increasing interest in history courses, diverse perspectives

August 17, 2021
After several years of dropping enrolment in history courses, recent social movements and events have driven postsecondary students across Canada to express a renewed interest in history courses, particularly those focused on marginalized perspectives. President of the University of Toronto History Students’ Association Fiona McCrow explained that students are more interested in learning where issues in society came from, and that history students at U of T are challenging “the traditional narrative of stories being told from a very particular and very limited perspective.” At the University of Victoria, students are “filled up with passion” and coming to class with skepticism for the history they’ve learned in the past, said history professor John Lutz. The University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada MOOC has also had significant enrolment increases, and its academic lead, Paul Gareau, hopes that the information students learn will inspire them to pursue further related studies at their postsecondary institutions. CBC (National)