Students may have a tougher time getting into uCalgary, uAlberta next year

February 5, 2015

PSE students hoping to study at the University of Calgary may find things a bit more competitive in the coming years. Provincial projections suggest that demand will be up; however, uCalgary may not have enough seats to accommodate all the students who want to attend. Metro News reports that based on the provincial figures, uCalgary could fall as many as 4,600 seats short by the 2022–23 school year. "The bottom line is we know there's enrolment challenges for all of Calgary, put particularly at the University of Calgary," said Provost Dru Marshall. The high demand could drive up the school's entrance grade average, which is already hovering near 85%. A spokesperson for AB's Advanced Education Minister said that the province takes a holistic approach to enrolment, noting that other institutions in Calgary should have enough spaces to accommodate peak demand. Meanwhile, the University of Alberta is planning to scale back admissions in some departments as a correction to years of over-enrolment. Programs including nursing, engineering, and some sciences are expected to be affected. Metro News (uCalgary) | Metro News (uAlberta)