Students may leave MB if tuition cap is lifted, says student leader

October 7, 2016

A proposed increase for Manitoba’s postsecondary tuition cap could drive students out of the province, according to a MB student advocate. “Affordable rates keep students in our province,” said Michael Barkman, Manitoba chair of the Canadian Federation of Students. “In Nova Scotia, their fees rose 5.6% this year and they're seeing a lot of students move.” University of Manitoba Students Union President Tanjit Nagra adds that the increase could also prevent many international students who are considering enrolling in the province's institutions to go elsewhere. MB Premier Brian Pallister, however, argues that MB has much lower tuition rates than those of surrounding jurisdictions, adding that “I don't think that's a concern. What is a concern is making sure that young people have the opportunity to uplift themselves and their skills.” Winnipeg Sun