Students more interested in PSE facilities than academic reputation, says UK study

September 28, 2016

Students in the UK base their choice of a PSE institution more on an institution’s facilities than on its academic ranking and reputation, according to a new study by the UK’s Association of University Directors of Estates. Times Higher Education reports that 44% of surveyed students viewed academic rankings as important to choosing a university, while 42% said they were influenced by reputation. Nearly two-thirds of students (61%) said that a school’s facilities were an important factor. “It’s clear potential students are choosing universities which offer the best overall experience, perhaps more than ever before,” said AUDE Chair Trevor Humphreys. “Effective estate management is key to ensuring higher education institutions deliver the best possible student experience, both academically and socially.” In Canada, Academica Group's research has also identified facilties as a potential differentiator for postsecondary applicants. Times Higher Education