Students need to democratize campus at the departmental level to fight tuition fees: opinion

March 2, 2017

“If we are to see progress on abolishing tuition, we need to look beyond lobbying and start taking direct action,” writes Dylan Fijal, a member of the University of Manitoba Student Action Network. For Fijal, the direct action needed must take place through grassroots democratic organizing, which would see students set up departmental student associates where they do not currently exist. The effort would also involve reenergizing departmental student organizations that have become inactive, as Fijal argues that strengthening student associations and direct democracy at the departmental level will help students build a more democratic campus from the bottom up. By creating these organizations, the author concludes, students would be able to trigger the walkouts and mass protests necessary to effective substantial change and to provide “a taste of what a democratic student movement can do.” The Manitoban