Students protest at CFS meeting

November 27, 2013

Students from various PSE institutions were in Gatineau, QC on the weekend to protest at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). The protesters were drawing attention to the difficult process required to exit the national organization, which draws funds from member student unions. Several institutions that have voted in referenda to leave the CFS have been challenged with lawsuits by the CFS, which claims that these students still owe fees. A common complaint about the CFS is that they are not transparent regarding the millions of dollars in student fees that they collect. Melissa Kate Wheeler, President of the Concordia Student Union, stated students at Concordia are “very unsatisfied” with the way that CFS operates, noting that a student petition to defederate was “ignored.” CFS delegate Yasmeen Enadi, from the University of Toronto Students’ Union, said she found the “timing of the protest disrespectful and added the CFS is a democratic organization and protesters should have voiced their concerns through other channels.” McGill Post-Graduate Student Society News Release | Maclean’s On Campus