Students protest provincial austerity measures in Montreal

November 13, 2014

Students in Montreal took to the streets on Wednesday to protest austerity measures in Quebec. A group of between 2 and 3 dozen protesters organized by the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSE) began marching at about 6am; after being told by police that their gathering was illegal because no route had been provided, protesters split up before regrouping a short time later at Cégep du Vieux Montreal. By this time, police outnumbered the protesters, who dispersed at about 8am. A police spokesperson said at the time that “the group is small and all is in order”; the protesters did not cause any disruption to traffic. However, further protests were planned for later in the day. Wednesday’s protest follows 2 demonstrations held on October 31, one of which involved over 10,000 people. Montreal Gazette (Wednesday) | Montreal Gazette (October 31)