Students protest return of anti-gay demonstrator to uRegina campus

January 16, 2015

Students at the University of Regina on Monday protested the return to campus of Bill Whatcott, an anti-gay, anti-abortion activist. Whatcott was recently found not guilty on a mischief charge related to an on-campus incident in April. uRegina said that it opposed Whatcott’s views but was compelled by the not-guilty verdict to allow him to demonstrate on campus. “Although I respect the decision of the court, I still believe the material [Whatcott and fellow activist Peter LaBarbera] distributed to be discriminatory, in breach of our policy, and detrimental to the promotion of successful debate,” said uRegina President Vianne Timmons. “Far from promoting healthy and reasoned debate, his propaganda, which I find offensive, perverts it.” Whatcott said that Timmons is “entitled to her views, but as a public servant of a public university, she’s not entitled to keep views off this campus.” Students greeted Whatcott’s return with a civil demonstration, including signs with pro-LGBT messages. StarPhoenix