Students push for fossil fuel divestment

August 11, 2014

Student groups across Canada are pushing PSE institutions to divest from oil, gas, and coal companies, arguing that continued investment inhibits the development and adoption of green energy alternatives. Divestment, said Canadian Youth Climate Coalition President Kesley Mech, “is a strong way to send a super-clear message that we’re no longer interested in supporting fossil fuel use. We want a different economy.” Divestment support groups are currently active at approximately 40 Canadian universities. A McGill University group recently presented a petition to a board of governors committee, while at UBC 76% of students voted to support divestment. Divestment advocates at the University of Toronto have turned to notable figures including David Suzuki, former Toronto mayor David Miller, and Naomi Klein for support; uToronto has created a presidential advisory committee on divestment. Dalhouse University students, too, have campaigned for divestment. Faculty members at the University of Victoria have also joined the cause; UVic's faculty association voted in support of a motion to divest faculty pension funds of fossil fuels. University Affairs