Students rally to oppose MUN tuition hike, MUN expansion in Labrador halted

July 21, 2021
Students are rallying to oppose Memorial University’s tuition hike. The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) organized a rally in St John’s on Saturday to protest the hike, which CFS Newfoundland and Labrador Chair Kat McLaughlin said would make education far less accessible. International student Fahmida Ahmed told CBC that the changes had a heavy impact on international students, with the increase equating to “almost … a month of rent for every student.” MUN has also temporarily stopped physical expansions in Labrador, which Jordan Brown, MHA for Labrador West, says will hinder Labrador students’ access to education. “We’re actually going to be sending more students from Labrador to the island instead of actually campusing them in Labrador,” said Brown. CBC (1) | CBC (2) (NL)