Students stand to benefit from studying in another province

October 15, 2014

A uToronto student’s contribution to the Globe and Mail suggests that students don’t need to travel to another country to experience culture shock; for some, it only takes moving to another province. Kelowna-born Hayden Rodenkirchen describes the many “quirks” he experienced after moving to Toronto, but also sheds light on how studying in another place can help students better appreciate unique facets of their home provinces. Rodenkirchen also points to how living in another province can be a journey of self-discovery. “At times,” he writes, “it felt existentially challenging to change my perspective. On trips to British Columbia, old friends would note that my priorities no longer seemed entirely ‘BC’ … In Toronto, meanwhile, I still felt ill-adjusted.” But Rodenkirchen concludes that the experience was a valuable one. “Students in our country,” he says, “may benefit from grappling with more of it.” Globe and Mail