Students at UoGuelph hold mock funeral to protest program cuts

December 1, 2014

Students at the University of Guelph held a mock funeral on campus this week to protest programs affected by budget cuts. UoGuelph is facing an estimated $32 M deficit over the next several years, and somewhat based on a program prioritization process, has asked academic colleges to reduce budgets by a combined $24 M. Students say the program cuts have diminished the university’s reputation as one of the most comprehensive institutions in Canada. “We are outraged with the process. Students and faculty were not consulted. Things that are important to our experience of university were not considered. And each year, tuition rises by $200 or $300,” said one student protestor. New President Franco Vaccarino said in October that he was committed to maintaining UoGuelph’s comprehensive focus, regardless of fiscal restraints. The Record