Students who struggled in college find life more difficult following graduation, US study finds

January 25, 2012

The authors of Academically Adrift follow up on their book with a new study observing that college graduates who showed paltry gains and little academic engagement while in PSE have a more difficult time than their more accomplished counterparts as they begin their careers. Surveying more than 900 of the students whom they studied in their book, the researchers found that graduates who scored in the bottom 20% on the Collegiate Learning Assessment were 3 times more likely than those in the top quintile to be unemployed, twice as likely to be living at home with their parents, and significantly more likely to have amassed credit-card debt. The study found that over 71% of business majors were employed, followed by communication majors at nearly 68%. Only about a third of science and math majors were employed, but nearly half of the graduates in these disciplines were enrolled full time in graduate school, the highest such percentage of any major. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | Inside Higher Ed