StudentsNS publishes case studies on PSE student finance

February 5, 2015

StudentsNS has published a series of hypothetical case studies that shed light on the costs faced by PSE students in Nova Scotia. StudentsNS acknowledges that the "case studies are not perfect and certainly cannot capture all the circumstances of the more than 50,000 students attending postsecondary education in Nova Scotia." However, they argue that the case studies illustrate students' changing circumstances, the effects of provincial policy decisions, and the impact of StudentsNS' own activities. StudentsNS says that their case studies point to a number of overall trends, such as that students with dependents often struggle with unmet needs; that debt levels for students with high financial need have decreased thanks to improvements to the Nova Scotia Student Assistance Program and the Canada Student Loan Program while the debt of those with less financial need has increased; and that while tuition for NS students has fallen marginally, ancillary fees have significantly increased. Full Study