StudentsNS says student movement should focus on financial assistance, not tuition elimination

February 18, 2015

Students Nova Scotia has released a paper offering its vision for improved student financial assistance in Canada. The paper suggests that needs-based grants that fully meet students' cost to attend PSE would help reach those in most need of help to attend PSE. "Improving targeted financial assistance is the only way to ensure all qualified Canadians can afford to attend postsecondary education without elevated debt," said organization President Brandon Hamilton. StudentsNS proposes that such a program could be funded by reallocating money currently used for tuition and education tax credits and the Federal Education Savings Grant, which the paper says favour higher income students. StudentsNS further suggests that Canada's student movement should shift its emphasis from tuition elimination toward financial assistance. The narrow focus on tuition elimination, it says, has not made sufficient progress and would not adequately address costs of education beyond tuition. StudentsNS News Release | Vision Paper