Study finds Ontario students with learning disabilities benefit from Summer Transition Program

April 17, 2012

Commissioned by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, a new study explores the effect of the Summer Transition Program (STP) -- a provincial government program for students with learning disabilities -- and enhanced services for such students that promote engagement and academic performance. Researchers found that STP improved the quality of students' transition to higher education through an early introduction to institutional disability services and staff members, and smoothed pathways to required pre-PSE assessments. The study also observes that STP improves students' orientation and awareness of student services, disability awareness, and willingness to self-advocate. At the completion of data collection, over 87% of students in the sample were still attending PSE or had graduated. STP participants were more likely to access other student services and were more likely to be successful in their studies. Of those, the majority stated that they would not have been as successful had they not used disability services and other on-campus supports. Research Summary | Full Report